Many of our clients are very good at what they do and have specific skills in their industry. They want to improve or grow their business, but often don’t have the time, experience, or knowledge to take their business to the next level. Your Business Success Partner has the executive experience and essential skills necessary to partner with you to achieve your business goals.

MENTOR. offers a bespoke, end to end solution for small to medium size enterprises (SME) who want to improve their business by increasing profit. Our business success programme is a proven two step programme that works with you on your business holistically, drawing on quantitative insights from over 9000 businesses globally.

In our experience businesses usually get to where they want to go in 18-24 months.

The Business Success Program is a comprehensive business consulting program that improves your business profitability and value over a multi-year time frame. It takes time to smoothly make permanent changes in your business that will dramatically improve profitability and value.

The cost varies from client to client, depending on the business size and how much work is required. The Business Diagnostic session will identify the real potential of a business, enabling MENTOR. to tailor-make a proposal that works for each company.

The Business Success Program is designed to start delivering results to the business owner very quickly. You’ll see noticeable progress within three months of commencement.

Because nearly all business is structurally similar, we believe that with our unique skills in creating successful businesses and your industry-specific skills, we can jointly make a massive success of your business.

A Business Coach tends to work with the business owner on the business owner. However, MENTOR. works with the business owner on the business itself. We are business improvement specialists. Experience and skills in business are necessary to get a business performing at its best.

Some consultants or advisors only help write plans as they often lack the experience to execute strategic business plans. Implementation or execution is a problem with many small and medium-sized businesses, and most strategic plans sit on the shelf or in a drawer after written.

MENTOR. Business Success Partners take a different approach – we help build a plan, help turn it into reality, and stay with you to make things happen.

No, MENTOR. Business Success Partners are trained and have proven industry experience at Senior Executive Level; therefore able to help you in every area of your business.

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