The Experience

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The Experience

MENTOR. offers a bespoke, end to end solution for small to medium enterprises (SME) who want to improve their business by increasing profit.

We specialise in mentoring business owners and management teams through business partnering. Our business success programme is a proven programme that works with you on your business holistically, drawing on quantitative insights from over 9000 businesses globally.

Unlike normal consultants, we partner with you and your business long term, delivering meaningful improvements to minimise the profit leakage in your business, and maximise your profit, value, and growth through the business success programme.

The Business Success Programme

Our business success programme is a proven programme that delivers comprehensive insight into your company using research and analytics from over 9000 businesses globally. It consists of two steps:

The Business Diagnostic

We’ll complete a free Business Diagnostic that identifies areas of latent profit, and your growth potential.

The Business Success Programme

We’ll work together to implement a clear business growth plan to achieve results identified through the business diagnostic.

Take the first step to understand how much profit we can add to your business by booking a free business diagnostic today.

MENTOR.’s team has proven industry experience across several industries, with highlights of success shown below;

Proven Industry Experience - Highlights

  • Saving $2M per annum and reducing overheads by 33% by negotiating lease termination, relocation of operations, a sub-lease, consolidation, reducing fleet vehicles, ending financing agreements, and restructuring several companies.
  • Redesigning products to save 25% cost.
  • Achieving an EBITDA of 21.3% compared to 2.4% the previous year and improving gross margin profit from 49.8% to 63.3%.
  • Saving 12% per annum and generating 2–3% of revenue per annum by partnering with suppliers and replacing in-house promotion causing significant financial losses.
  • Achieving a commercially appropriate return on investment instead of a financial loss by re-negotiating over 100 contracts, increasing user charges by 25%, and aligning with local regulatory suppliers.
  • Successful negotiations, generating multi-million dollar sales contracts.
  • Rebuilt and streamlined the entire website, e-commerce, and booking process, eliminating the inefficient mixture of digital and physical processes.
  • In a hospitality environment, achieving an 18% EBITDA, 33% COG’s, 26% wage cost, and a 15% YoY revenue growth for a Profit and Loss.
  • Increasing the bottom line of a multimillion-dollar project by 18% on the previous project.